Deborah Graham Mon. 7-9pm ($39.00)

7-9pm rm 4

Deborah Graham

Cleaning Out All The Negativity

Psychic Medium, TV personality Deborah Graham, an intuitive relationship expert says, “it’s time to clean out the negativity”. Graham wants to bring in a new you and start a brand new beginning. She will do this by showing you how to clear out the old energy. Whether it’s from this life or a past life, Graham will clear out any karmic debt. She will show you how to open yourself up to a whole new possibility. Join her and ask questions and get answers! All who attend will receive a crystal that will open you up and clear out the negative energy.

Deborah Graham is a psychic, having her earliest premonitions at the age of six. These would later manifest as visions. She developed her gifts and learned to understand the meanings of what she could see.